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Community Discussion GuideDownload our Community Discussion Guide

Our Community Discussion Guide, co-produced by Cine Qua Non and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, is an in-depth exploring of the themes of reproductive justice and Indigenous Feminism as they pertain to the film. It is recommended for use by community-based organizations and workshops, as well as the College/University level.





Thumbnail Viewer GuideDownload our Viewer Guide:

Our Viewer Discussion Guide, co-produced by Cine Qua Non Inc. and Vision Maker Media, is a shorter tool, geared toward classroom use in K-12 learning environments.






Additional Resources:

Want to organize a screening party of Young Lakota and start a dialogue in your community?

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Want to tell your politicians to protect women’s health today and stand up against laws that violate reproductive rights?

Want to sign Sunny Clifford’s petition on demanding access to Plan B on Indian reservations

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